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The 2nd Amendment includes the Militia.
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The People Are The Militia

The Second Amendment Public opinion splits The Second Amendment in two; you are either for or against individual gun rights. You either think the Second Amendments grants you, as an individual, certain gun rights or [...]

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Its important to wear eye protection when shooting

Protecting Your Eyes

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Protecting Your Eyes Every year, approximately 1,000,000 people suffer serious eye injuries. Approximately 30,000 are considered firearms-related. Mechanical malfunctions with your firearm, flying debris, or ricochets can change your life forever. You should protect your [...]
You must protect your hearing.

Hearing Loss Is Permanent

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Protect Your Hearing! Our hearing is one of those things we take for granted until we lose it. Once we lose it, it’s lost forever. Hearing loss tends to be a gradual process over an [...]

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4 years ago
LF308 Matched Receiver Set BLEM BLACK ONLY

Limited quantity of BLEM 308 Receiver Sets available on the website.
**These are BLEMISHED sets. Blemishes range from Cerakote to slight machining marks. All sets are fully ... See more

Precision CNC machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum as a set for a perfect fit and flawless finish. The LF308 Matched Receiver Set is the ideal platform for any long range big bore rifle ... See more

4 years ago

Our 556 Rifle will be available soon.

5 years ago

On the way out the door. #AR10 #308 #6.5Creedmoor

5 years ago

Just a few frames ready for shipment. What is your favorite design?

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